Honoo no Haramase Motto! Hatsuiku! Karada Sokutei 2 The Animation episode 1


“My husband, please like me”
Maki who works at the maid cafe “Happy-Furumu-n” in the school.
Her breasts were overwhelmed by her overflowing breast milk, and she secretly breast-fed Shunnosuke every day.
Perhaps because of this secret, she calls Shunnosuke her husband, and Maki is compliant.
Shunnosuke gets on her tone and lets Maki say her dirty words …! ?? Rinko and Tsubakihime are stripped of their upper body and receive an erotic body measurement by Shunnosuke in the infirmary

. Rinko is torn her black stockings and can measure the size of her dick. Tsubakihime is anal temperature measured with a thermometer with a vibrator. Two people who are inserted alternately in succession. While I’m not inserted, I suck on the other party’s boobs, and at the end I get vaginal cum shot. “Everyone’s body measurement H ♪” Her breast milk is squeezed while being fucked in the back sitting position, but even urine is collected. Chris inserts a meat stick with a measuring instrument and tightens it with a vibrator to measure anal. Maki measures the pie activity with fucking, Rinko stands back while looking at the inside of the uterus with an ultrasonic scanner, and Tsubakihime measures the anal pressure with a meat stick equipped with a measuring instrument.