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Nuki Doki! Tenshi to Akuma no Sakusei Battle – Revolution episode 3

The half-naked shrine maiden disappears suddenly, and her childhood friend Yamato and the angel Sera are in a panic state.
Sera says she is suspicious of the demon “Firika” who disappeared at the same time.
Yamato was awakened by wearing her panties and her ring of angels.
He spins a giant dick like a propeller, flying in the sky and chasing after Firika.

On the other hand, Firika returns to the hideout with her, and begins a dubious ritual with me (servants) who have turned into sexuality in the past.
Firika uses her whole body to squeeze the spirit from the men who lost her reason.
She repeats copulations as wild as a beast, and she can’t control her pleasures herself.
Due to her repeated vaginal cum shot, Firika’s belly swells with semen.
She takes a shower without knowing anything about her. Her belly Botefirika sneaks up there … The ritual is complete.