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Oni Chichi: Refresh episode 2

Somehow … Airi, it’s weird.
I’m glad she didn’t drown, but she was helped …
Hmm, what’s wrong with treating Airi as a metamorphosis?

It’s natural to help with work … Rather, be careful before you’re about to drown.
I’ve been watching it all the time … It’s the same as someone who doesn’t help me when it matters. Hung.
It can’t be helped anymore, Sana hides in Airi, and it’s okay to squeeze the daddy’s ham or squirrel, but I’m definitely not convinced that Airi is a perverted girl! What should I do with this? Ah, uh, I’m gonna have a barbecue, drink, eat and get rid of my anxiety.
Oh, but I won’t invite him. I’ll forgive you if you cancel Airi’s stupidity.
The beach at night is nice. After the barbecue, Sana told me to take a walk with my dad,

When I was hit by a couple around me, I got that kind of atmosphere and served my dad …
She’s but she’s noticed … you can’t do this … she’s a perverted girl, and it’s bad for everyone …