Onii-chan, help me! ~I was asked to train as a bride at night


Japanese:お兄ちゃん、手伝って!~夜の花嫁修業を頼まれて…~ The Motion Anime

“Big brother, become my practice partner for bride training! Since I’ve tested all the household chores with you, this time it’s… well, more like night bride training…”

Me (Hikaru), Natsuhiko, and his sister Nanaka are childhood friends. Nanaka is someone who barges into my room and calls me “big brother,” so we have a relaxed relationship. And it was Nanaka who brought up such a thing.

“Night bride training?” Is there a difference between daytime and nighttime in bride training? “Why me? Can’t you ask Natsuhiko?” “Huh? I can’t ask something like that to a real big brother!” I didn’t ask, “What exactly is it?” in response. “You’re the only one I can ask for something like this. So please!”

In the end, I was overwhelmed by Nanaka’s forceful attitude and ended up helping with the “night bride training”… “Well then… Let’s get started right away.”