The transformation heroine of justice was a sister who looked down on me


The father remarries and has two sisters who are beautiful and cute, but the main character, who is a shy and unpopular guy, is shunned, abused, and looked down upon by the two sisters. He harbors dark feelings for these two cocky, proud women who treat him like trash, and he has a hobby of wanking over them. He uses them as a plaything for his hobby of masturbation. One day, on his way home from his part-time job, he passes by a park and sees a startling sight. Two girls wearing costumes like cartoon characters are engaged in a fierce battle with a monster of a strange shape that he has never seen before. Two girls in costumes that looked like cartoon characters were engaged in a fierce battle. Immediately, I turned on my phone to take a video. Come to think of it, there was a story that has been talked about in the SNS area for a while now. A mysterious new religious organization called “Moondark,” which claims to “bring the world to its knees.” A mysterious monster called “Otherworldly Beast,” developed by the organization, is attacking and eating people. And two beautiful girls who destroy it without being noticed? I thought this was a story on the level of an eyebrow-raising urban legend, but the scene before my eyes convinced me that it was true. I kept my phone pointed at it to capture the whole thing on video, but the battle seemed to have been settled. With a blinding flash, the deformed monster vanishes. The two girls confirm each other’s safety, and the suit they were wearing is released, revealing their true faces. Their true faces are revealed. It is a pair of sassy and naughty sisters cursing themselves for living under the same roof. If he can use this as an opportunity to get to the bottom of the situation, he may be able to turn the tables on them. The black feelings are further amplified.