OVA Tsundero episode 4


The Mc, Daisuki, is in love with his childhood friend, Saya. She got a massive and perky boobs were like freakin’ watermelons. They swayed, stirring up this deep desire inside him that he couldn’t ignore. Despite being head over heels for her, he found himself unable to resist the seductive charm of her irresistible assets. One night, while Daisuke was lost in his thoughts about Saya, shit got real steamy. Saya was in her own zone, having a wild masturbation. As she pleasured herself, her breasts and nipples started growing bigger and more sensitive, responding to her touch. And get this, Daisuke was straight-up spying on her the whole time. Daisuke couldn’t hold back any longer. He couldn’t resist the temptation that was driving him crazy. He went up to Saya, his hands itching to explore those engorged breasts and teasingly long nipples of hers. They ended up having their first intimate encounter at the late-night pool.