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Saimin Gakuen (2018) episode 2

“No matter what I do, I won’t give in.”
Ryuka and Suzune turned into puppets by the revenge of Masayuki Domyoji, who was swearing at him.
Ryuka, who had been deprived of her body’s freedom while her consciousness was clear, was pushed up violently while being exposed to Masayuki’s revenge.
However, Ryuka inevitably endured without giving in. Her appearance resonated with Suzune’s heart, which was also shameful as her childhood friend, and she endured without breaking her heart, telling herself as she was always swept away. Masayuki, who is more and more agitated by the healthy appearance of these two people, rushes to further humiliation while exposing the public on the stage …
The video recording the public pissing scene is on the blackboard. Suzune is made to urinate while being exposed to. Ryuka who is vaginal cum shot like a dog on the stage as a vaginal cum shot course.
Ryuka and his friends were dragged into a distorted vortex of revenge, but a ray of light came into it …