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Saimin Gakuen (2018) episode 3

“Don’t be silly, are you listening, brother !?” For his own self-protection, Yukimasa was bullied, “This is a nuisance if you are bullied.
Miyako, a female teacher who has been treated coldly.
Her limbs of her lagging behind her were ruthlessly exposed in front of her table.
“It’s also a good idea to have an older teacher call you an older brother.”
Yukimasa, who was able to fill in the hot flashes that had been squeezed up, had no ears to hear…
Ryukaand Suzune, who escaped from Yukimasa’s hands, were soaked in the bathtub to heal their injured heart and body. At one point, even his lips were pressed against him …
I never knew it was a quiet moment before the upcoming tragedy.