Saimin Gakuen (2018) episode 1


“I’m sorry, but I’m still a man of the Domyoji family. ”
Yukimasa Domyoji hangs her head without saying anything to her spear. Suzune, who should have been the only understanding person from an early age, is next to Ryuka, who has been noticed by her as soon as she entered the school and has continued to look down on her.
I couldn’t say anything about the appearance of passing by Ryuka while looking away … but I didn’t forget to gradually take a picture of the passing back with my cell phone camera … before I knew it. The app that was installed. Suzune was the first to use it, which was full of odors, such as fulfilling her wishes. I took off my pants in the park as I wanted, and I had no memory of letting me urinate like a dog. Using that app, I was manipulating the beautiful girl of Ryuka and Suzune Tatsu Gakuen.
Suzune is handling Yukimasa’s meat stick with his own hands that don’t listen to him. Sandwiched between her breasts was an ugly, rugged, thick cock …