So_low ~Futago Shimai to Kateikyoushi~ episode 1


“We don’t really need it, but maybe we could do it like last time….” These are the whispers of the twin sisters Mitsuki and Kasumi. In the living room, Moe-mama Chihiro is having a meeting with the private tutor, Koudai. The sisters have been getting rid of tutors one by one because they find them annoying. Mitsuki is a clean-cut beauty who can seduce any man, while Kasumi is bubbly and stupid, but with a certain charm for males. The new tutor, Koudai Fujikawa, is a specialist in making sure his clients become regular customers after the trial period. He tries his best to seduce the twin sisters, but they are aware of his plan and decide to trap him. Koudai is forced to use every trick in the book to keep his pride as a successful seducer while still falling into the trap laid by these two devilish beauties