Taboo Charming Mother episode 2


Misako who was witnessed by her son-in-law, Kazuhiko, for the “embarrassing appearance” of telephone sex … Since that day, Kazuhiko has been lusting for Misako’s lustrous body. Start … Misako who grasps her weakness and becomes Kazuhiko’s obedience every day. However, she stubbornly refused only her actual act with a little remaining reason. However, her reason is no longer her windy light … Misako overflows her shame with the caress of Kazuhiko who escalate every day.
At that time, a tape recording the whole story of the embarrassing play with Kazuhiko is sent home. The sender is the man on the phone. He uses the tape as a material and forces Misako to have a more perverted wickedness … Bottomless lust spiral, how far will Misako fall …