Tanetsuke Ojisan to Papakko JD Saimin Seikatsu The Animation episode 1


Karen, this college girl, she’s tight with her daddy. Like, she trusts him more than anyone else. But one day, outta nowhere, her old man abandoned her without a word, leaving her feeling all lost and alone. To make things worse, there was a creepy-ass dude peeps Karen’s vulnerability. He knows she’s all about her daddy, so he plays her like a fiddle, using hypnosis to get up in her head. She didn’t got a clue the creepy stalker is a faker, and she sees him as the only person she can trust. The creepy guy keeps making her believe they got this close father-daughter thing goin’ on. He takes advantage of her trust, Karen’s love for her daddy blinds her to the truth, letting thestranger take advantage of her in ways she don’t even realize.