True Blue: Gaiden episode 1


A few months after Aoi Kanzaki left her childhood friend Akihito Kurusu. Akihito, who was disappointed, was being comforted by Aoi’s best friend, Kaya, and was recovering. Kaya has always had a secret feeling for Akihito, but she wasn’t told by her best friend Aoi. However, suddenly Aoi told her Kaya.
“I had a goodbye with Akihito because there are other people I love.”
Kaya had a less than romance relationship with the junior member Date who had confessed–
sorry, Date Kun. I’ve always liked him. I really intended to give up a long time ago, but that person is so hurt now that I want to be with him. ”
Kaya snuggles up to Akihito. Then a new love began. The season is approaching winter, and there are rumors that the physical education teacher Masada, who robbed Akihito of Aoi, will be forced to quit the school. In fact, it was the result of Kaya, who was concerned about Akihito, informing the Board of Education of Masada’s conduct. Masada, a teacher who touched the students, will be dismissed. Kaya laughs at Akito, who is afraid of Masada’s retaliation,
“If that happens, I won’t be able to get a new job anywhere, and I don’t think the teacher is that stupid.”
Certainly Masada wasn’t stupid-but he was a sneaky demon. Without doing anything himself, he sought out Fukui, a voyeur nerd who hated the school, and invited Kaya into a trap. Fukui, who is weak, used the voyeur material as a threatening material, and just captured the obscene figure of Kaya in the camera and did not try to touch it. However, it surely eroded Kaya’s heart. Every time her shame is exposed to the net, her desire for sex grows in her Kaya’s mind.
And Masada commits Aoi to show off wherever he goes. If she was the one who was being raped … she would eventually become absorbed in masturbation that Kaya wasn’t used to. And the time of her destiny comes-I found in Masada the scene of delusional masturbation in her infirmary, and with her help, I experienced her first climax. She blows up the tide and falls down, and the place where the lingering sound can not be removed is impatient with a big cock,
“If you can beg properly, you will be more cheerful.”
The evil words shake Kaya’s reason. Without being informed that Akihito is watching the whole story.