Uhou Renka episode 1


Saddle juice endless with abundant honey that gets stuffy and wet!

Natsukoi, the signboard girl of the guest house “Toyohiraya”, appears in front of Ryohei who was suddenly recalled to the countryside.
Ryohei’s ex-girlfriend Nagisa, who introduced her summer love, stared anxiously at her being fascinated by her scented, plump limbs.

“No, it’s no good … with such a toco …” A hot and humid night … In the moonlight … Summer love walking along a country road to the beach as it was born without wearing anything.
Her naked body, which emerged on a night road without street lights as if shining with her sweaty skin, was forced into Ryohei’s arms in a narrow shower room by the sea.
While her sultry heat remained, her breasts of summer love being pushed up were shaking violently while aching her burning body.

“No, I don’t like this … I’m embarrassed.” In the shining sunshine, Natsukoi looks through the window of the guest house facing the road, and while exchanging greetings with the neighbors on the road, she bares her lower body. While being pushed up violently, I desperately endured the obscene pant that I was about to come out.
An afternoon when no one should be there. A young hand gently closed the bran in the room where only the two rough breaths could be heard.

Summer love and Ryohei just met. Entangled as if forgetting time, deepening the connection.
In the bathroom, in the form of a landlady, when she wakes up … Natsukoi is greedily poured into her sweaty limbs, and she realizes that she wants even her feelings from the connection of only her body.
However, at that time … Ryohei was heading to the school at night by a call from Nagisa …