Anti-Demon Hunters Shiranui: Inyoku no Dorei Shoufu episode 1


The training story of “Anti-Demon Hunters Asagi”, the mother of Yukikaze, is now revealed !!

Shiranui, the mother of Yukikaze Mizushiro, who fell into Nomad’s hands in the underground city of Yomihara while carrying out a certain mission.
She was being trained to become a XX whore by the hands of the devilish king “Kuroi”.
As part of that, she will be on stage for her training show under the lord of the brothel “Under Eden”.
At the request of the customer, she is temporarily blinded, increasing her sense of smell and sensitivity, and being forced to play for pleasure.
Shiranui who was raised on the stage is tasted with the metamorphosis sex of the customers, and her humiliation and pleasure as flesh ○○ are engraved.