A beast girl will arrive in Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari

Majin Petit, a production company known for creating adult anime adaptations, has listed a video preview for the third episode of their latest project, Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari, on their official website. The animated series is based on an adult video game and is set to be released in Japan on April 28, 2023.

The listing on the website indicates that Majin Petit is still in charge of the production and confirms that multiple episodes were planned from the outset. This is evident from the numbering of the episodes, with the first episode already released.

The synopsis for the third episode, which was also included on the website, describes the upcoming installment. It mentions that the main character, Colette, will continue her erotic journey, exploring new sexual experiences and meeting new partners. The episode promises to deliver more explicit scenes, and fans of the series can expect a continuation of the story and characters from the previous episodes.

Overall, the listing on the Majin Petit website provides fans with a glimpse of what they can expect from the upcoming episode of Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari. The continuation of the production by Majin Petit confirms the studio’s commitment to providing adult anime adaptations and promises to satisfy the desires of its target audience.

The third episode of Renseijutsushi Colette no H na Sakusei Monogatari follows the story of Colette, an alchemist who has just defeated a powerful plains ogre. Her next mission seems easy enough – collecting bugs. However, Colette finds herself struggling with her fear of bugs, and her job is on the line. Just when things seem to be going smoothly, Rebecca, a beast girl and fellow mercenary, appears before Colette with a challenging request.

To complete the mission, Colette must overcome her fear of bugs, and the two set out to do just that. However, things take a serious turn when a huge monster appears, dissolving their clothes with its slime. The situation becomes embarrassing for the two women as they try to make their escape.

While on the run, they come across Garou, a hunter and also a were-beast like Rebecca. However, Rebecca behaves quite differently around Garou, becoming aggressive and even sexually abusing him with her muscular body. This surprising turn of events leaves Colette feeling uncomfortable and unsure of how to react.

As the episode progresses, the three continue their adventure together, facing various challenges and engaging in erotic encounters along the way. The explicit scenes continue to push the boundaries of adult anime, delivering on the promise of a sensual and provocative experience for the audience.