A little cloth will arrive in Renseijutsushi Colette’s Naughty Creation Story 4.

The Japanese distributor, Getchu, has announced that the animated adaptation of the adult video game, Renseijutsushi Colette’s Naughty Creation Story, will have a fourth and final episode released on June 30th in Japan. This announcement comes before the release of the third episode, which is scheduled for April 28th in Japan.

The listing indicates that the production is still in the hands of Majin Petit and confirms that there was always more than one episode planned (the first episode was numbered, so it was obvious). Finally, the synopsis of this fourth episode reads as follows:

The alchemist Colette goes to the guild to get missions to accomplish. However, a person with a noisy laugh catches her attention. The girl, who calls herself Emilia, is an outstanding sorceress and begins to follow Colette constantly with the goal of being invited to join her group. But then Chris-chan appears, an adorable little girl no matter where you look at her.

She takes care of kicking Emilia out so that she would stop bothering Colette. However, Chris-chan has her own plans in mind: “If you don’t mind, how about doing dirty things together?” It turns out that Chris, who was thought to be a girl, is actually a boy! Will Chris’s feelings reach Colette’s heart?