A mother’s sexual desire will awaken in Kotowarenai Haha

The Japanese production company MediaBank listed that the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Gonza , “Kotowarenai Haha (A Mother Who Can’t Refuse)”, will have an animated adaptation that will premiere its first episode on next March 15, 2024 in Japan. The production is carried out by Queen Bee and this episode is tagged as “Zenpen (前編) “, which translates as “Part One of Two“.

Interestingly, this doujinshi is only available through direct purchase from an official distributor, possibly because it was only released in June of this year . According to the description, the entire 188-page book includes nine stories, but it is not yet clear if all of them will be covered in the adaptation.

Finally, the synopsis writes:

  • Ripe Friend: Kosuke is a rebellious boy who treats his mother as an obstacle in a way. When he invites his friend Yuta to his house to watch a pornographic movie, his mother, Shiori, who shouldn’t be there at the time, is there. They both have a lot of fun playing. When Yuta went to put away the plates she had finished eating, Shiori was standing in front of him. When Yuta threw words at her that could be taken as flattering and serious at the same time, the upset Shiori slipped, Yuta, who extended his hand to help her, was injured. Feeling responsible, Shiori goes to Yuta’s house and begins to take care of him, feeding him, bathing him, cleaning him… Yuta’s desires gradually increase, and Shiori also exposes herself as a woman.
  • Ripe Mother/Fallen Mother Interval: The feelings that developed between her and Yusuke. After her hand is completely healed, she decides to make a promise. The day I met Yuta, I couldn’t suppress the tingling in my body, I saw myself as a woman and directed my naked sexual desire towards him, he hugged me with all his strength, he made the depths of my belly sizzle, I want him to penetrate me, I want him to fuck me. I don’t want to be just a mother anymore.