A ninja girl will be abused in Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai

The Japanese producer Suzuki Mirano revealed the video preview for the first episode of the animated adaptation of the adult video game developed by Midnight Pleasure , ” Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai “, which is scheduled to launch on July 28, 2023 in Japan . The production confirms with the title that more than one episode is in production considering that this first release is numbered.

We would translate the title of the first episode, but there are so many terms left out, due to the distributors’ ridiculous censorship laws, that now it’s hard to do it without having a context of the original term. And we explain, it turns out that it is not as if the term “Rape (Rape)” was censored as “Ra–“, but that they directly eliminated the word completely as “—-“.

Finally, the CG images of the original video game are available in the  Hitomi.la catalog  with the same name as the project, while the synopsis writes:

  • We are in a bygone era, when those who lurked in the shadows and carried out espionage and assassination missions, the shinobi, held power. A ninja, a kunoichi named Ajisai, was investigating a series of mysterious disappearances. She was fine until she infiltrated a mansion, where she was taken prisoner after making a small mistake.  Oh no, I have to escape somehow, she thought.
  • But for Ajisai, who was waiting for a chance to escape, a fate worse than death would come. With her sensitivity heightened by an aphrodisiac, she is subjected to a variety of torture and sexual pleasure through various instruments. A carnal pleasure that she does not want begins to be imprinted on her body, slowly trained to give pleasure to men.  But if the hell of her continues. How much can Ajisai, a trained ninja, take? The kunoichi, whose expression is still unchanged despite the situation, begins to lose control of her body. Even as a ninja, she can’t escape her most primitive feminine desire, the pleasure of being penetrated.