A streamer will be abused in Mebuki

So, check it out, this Japanese production company, Pink Pineapple, is getting down and dirty with the production of two episodes for an animated adaptation of a hentai doujinshi called ‘Mebuki.’ This doujinshi, written and illustrated by Eightman, is all about fetishes and non-consensual acts. They’re planning to drop these episodes on April 26th and May 31st, 2024, over in Japan.

Now, Pink Pineapple is taking the reins on this production, but the original doujinshi is already causing a stir. You can find it in the nhentai catalog (394471), if you’re brave enough to go there. Anyway, let’s get into the juicy details of these episodes:

Episode 1 (April 26th, 2024): Ai’s streaming her video games, but she’s worried because the views ain’t stacking up. So, her friend suggests she takes things up a notch and uses her own damn body to promote herself. And guess what? The views start skyrocketing like crazy. Ai’s hungry for self-expression, so she even throws an offline meetup, even though her friend warned her not to. Shit gets real messed up when this shady dude at a karaoke bar slips her some drugs, and she passes the fuck out. All the other fans just watch silently as they ‘take her home.’ And then, this sicko forces Ai to crash at a hotel in nothing but her underwear…

Episode 2 (May 31st, 2024): So, Ai decides to gather her fans for another offline meetup to boost her streaming views. But, goddamn, things take a dark turn. Some scumbag steals her virginity and makes her cum over and over again. Yeah, it’s fucked up. Since then, Ai’s been stressing about her online rep, and she hasn’t streamed again. But one day, on her way home from school, this dude named Kite, who’s been watching her like a damn hawk since their first encounter, starts talking to her. Turns out, Kite’s been digging around and found out some shit about Ai’s school. He says he’s got her back, but after she’s been turned into a sex-crazed maniac by some twisted motherfucker, Ai starts getting curious about what Kite’s packing, if you know what I mean…”