Abused teachers to return in Tsuma Netori spin-off

Japanese production company ZIZ Entertainment has listed the production of a new hentai anime for the “Tsuma Netori” franchise, which is scheduled for release on November 17, 2023 in Japan. While not mentioned, it remains an adaptation of the adult video game developed by Black Lilith, “Tsuma Netori: Onnakyoushi no Choukyou Nisshi (Wife Stealing: Female Teacher Training Logbook)”.

The production is in charge of the Nishi Theater Tokyo Studio and this new spin-off will be titled “Tsuma Netori kan Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai“, while the synopsis writes:

  • This occurred when Makoto was an apprentice at the school. Yurina Ryokaze, a popular teacher who teaches drawing to students in the art classroom, is married and her husband works alone in Italy. Her father, the owner of the gallery building, has fallen ill and she has been assigned as a temporary teacher at the school until her condition improves.
  • Sakakura, a senior from his college days who introduced Yurina to school, feels an unusual affection for her, and sets in motion a plan to train Yurina in complicity with Yasuno, with whom they share a mutual sympathy. Yurina is ordered by the director to participate in an exchange workshop. On the day of departure, Yurina drinks a cup of black tea recommended by Sakakura, but she feels dizzy, her eyes darken, and she faints.