Brutal goblin abuse is shown in trailer for Goblin no Suana

The Japanese producer Majin Petit revealed the video trailer for the first episode of the animated adaptation of the adult video game developed by PEPERONCINO (ぺぺろんちーの) , titled Goblin no Suana ( Goblin’s Den ), which is scheduled for release on March 31, 2023 in Japan . This episode will be titled “ Goblin no Suana: Episode 1 – Pilgrim Anvil ”, and since it is numbered it is understood that more than one will be produced.

The original game includes a collection of hentai illustrations showing beautiful adventurous girls being brutally abused by goblin tribes, very similar to what is shown in the early episodes of  Goblin Slayer . Finally, the production is carried out by the  Majin Petit studios  and the synopsis of this first episode writes:

  1. In this world, there are evil demons called goblins. Terrifying beasts that attack people, kidnap women, rape them, fertilize them and reproduce repeatedly.  The next target for these goblins was the devoted pilgrim Anvil. “Lord, please protect my life from these beasts,” the young woman prayed. But her prayers were in vain when Anvil ended up being taken prisoner by the very beasts she feared.
  2. Despite her fear, she trusts in her faith in God and is willing to die. But what awaited her was something more horrible than death. Ugly goblins begin to burrow into her pleasure hole. The hot cock of these beasts begins to penetrate her noble parts, causing Anvil a pleasure that she does not want. And then, the white liquid of these demons is poured into her.  And realizing that she was going to be impregnated as many times as possible, Anvil’s mind clouds over in despair.
  3. This is just the beginning. The beginning of his new hell. The new demonic life begins to form in his womb, and his mind begins to corrupt…  “Oh god, now I understand… This is your gift to me… For my devotion…”, he thought in the darkness of his thoughts. of the.