Incest Continues With 3Piece The Animation Trailer

The production company Pink Pineapple revealed the video trailer for the anime adaptation of the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Nanao , 3Piece The Animation , which will adapt four more stories from the extensive original book published by the author since December 2012. It should be remembered that this doujinshi hentai already inspired an adaptation titled Master Piece The Animation in 2019, which adapted other different stories from the compilation.

It is scheduled for release on January 27, 2023 in Japan , and will adapt the following stories:

  • 3Piece – Yukata:  At a summer festival where a booth with an award for best vendor is set up, Mira, a beautiful blonde woman, sexually licks candy apples to attract customers. Her pretty body, which can be seen even through her yukata, makes her show a great success. When she takes a break with Yuuji, who is supporting her, she trades the caramel apples for a big meat loaf, and what happens?
  • 3Piece – Valentine:  There’s a loud noise in the kitchen! There’s Mira in a naked apron, her whole body covered in chocolate -! Yuuji is stunned by this unexpected occurrence on Valentine’s Day, but he uses her tongue to lick the chocolate clean! He enjoys an exquisite sweet moment with the blonde beauty Mira!
  • 3Piece – Maid Clothes:  Mira, her adoptive mother and lover, is now dressed as a bespectacled maid and is willing to offer herself up. Yuuji pinches her nipples, and in return she gets a full cumshot, titty fucking, and pussy licking to clean her cum.
  • 3Piece – Diet:  Now he and his adoptive mother and lover Mira don their tight clothes for a sweaty workout! A face squatting session with a direct hit of lewd aroma makes both of them very horny! They shake their selfish bodies from below, front and back, and eat an unhealthy diet.