Marumarumaru’s House Bubble eroge will be animated

The Japanese distributor Getchu has listed that the adult video game developed by Atelier Kaguya HonkyTonk Pumpkin, “Marumarumaru’s House Bubble,” will have an animated adaptation. The first episode is scheduled to be released on August 30th in Japan.

Since the original material is a video game, its accessibility is quite restricted in the West. The production is being handled by Pink Pineapple, and the synopsis for this first episode goes like this:

Four months ago, I tried to move into a shared house for students, located in a famous bathhouse that offered a very low rent in exchange for testing their products and services. I thought they had completely ignored my application, but suddenly I was selected and passed the interview. I was thrilled to move in, but before I knew it, all the residents of the place turned out to be women. Furthermore, it seems there’s also a girl from my university, a year older than me. Apparently, all the girls were very excited about my arrival. And so, the fun begins at the bathhouse!