Netarare Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa announces a second episode

The production of a second episode for the hentai anime adaptation of the visual novel for adults developed by Pin-Point , Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa: Charao Gonomi no Kuro Gyaru Bitch ni , has already been listed on the official site for the White Bear production company. . This launch is scheduled for next October 7 in Japan, and the promotional image and synopsis of this continuation are included.

The production of more than one episode was already intuited because the first one appeared with the title of “ Episode 1 ”, and there is no point in numbering a series if it is not intended to produce more than one episode. This story of the Netorare (NTR) genre is titled “ Natsuyasumi Ake no Kanojo wa ( After the Summer Break, Ella She Was… )” and is produced by White Bear .

The synopsis writes:

  • When Kanade Amakawa arrived at school after summer vacation, she was completely different from the neat, pretty, dark-haired girl she had been. During summer vacation, she was trained in sexual pleasure and turned into a dirty girl, and dated her classmate Reiji Matsuoka, whom she hated very much.
  • Nishida was about to open the club room when he heard voices inside. In the room, Amakawa and Reiji had an entanglement. Nishida cannot accept this fact. A week after that… Amakawa hasn’t been seen in the club room. Suddenly, Reiji entered the club room and offered to supervise the video.
  • Not knowing what was happening, Nishida entered the film studio to find Amakawa completely naked, blindfolded, and hanging by her hands. A puzzled Nishida continues to hide her agitation and silently turns on the camera. She was perfectly trained to become a slut behind the camera, stabbing a vibrator in her pussy and a meat stick in her anus, which was also seen by viewers on the live broadcast.