Rakuen Shinshoku: Island of the Dead delays his return until 2024

Through its official Twitter account, the Japanese producer Showten listed that the second episode of the animated adaptation of the visual novel developed by SYOKU, “Shokusai no Shima: Island of the Dead“, will be delayed. This second episode of the hentai titled “Rakuen Shinshoku: Island of the Dead“, had its launch scheduled for November 24, 2023 in Japan, but has been rescheduled until April 26, 2024.

The original visual novel was released in July 2022 and is focused on a theme of rapes and situations involving monstrous beings, and obviously tentacles. Production is carried out by Showten, which describes the synopsis of the first episode as follows:

  • During a party at a luxury hotel located on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean, screams suddenly arise. Parasitic monsters with tentacles appeared in front of everyone. Before them, people act: some hide, others fight, others flee and escape the threat. ¿Is there hope?