Rape tentacles will arrive with the first episode of Island of the Dead

The Japanese distributor DMM/FANZA has recently released preview frames for the first episode of the highly anticipated anime adaptation of the visual novel developed by SYOKU, titled “Shokusai no Shima: Island of the Dead”. It should be noted that the adaptation will be called “Rakuen Shinshoku: Island of the Dead”, and the first episode is scheduled to air on May 26th in Japan, with the second episode following on November 24th of this year.

The original visual novel was released in July 2022 and focuses on a theme of rape and situations involving monstrous creatures, including tentacles. The production is being handled by Showten, who has provided a brief synopsis for the first episode:

During a party at a luxury hotel located on a secluded island in the middle of the ocean, screams suddenly erupt. Parasitic monsters with tentacles appear before everyone. In the face of this danger, people react in different ways: some hide, some fight, and others flee to escape the threat. But is there any hope for survival?