Revenge of bullying will come in Yariagari

The Japanese distributor Getchu listed the production of a new original anime titled Yariagari, produced by the company Nur. The rest of the title is lost in translation, especially due to the distributor’s unnecessary rule of replacing “problematic terms” with the terms of censorship “○ ○ ○“.

Launch is scheduled for January 27, 2023 in Japan, while the synopsis writes:

  • Ichika, a beautiful high school girl, Shinji, a teacher, and her sister Serina are childhood friends. But the relationship spaced away after an incident. Serina and her group of friends have been openly abusing Ichika for a long time. “ You wanted this, I will never forgive you ”. Serina rejects Ichika’s offer to make peace with an apology.
  • “ Come on, you have to understand your position ”. Ichika, who is subjected to poor quality water torture, looks in frustration at the girls accompanying Serina. But Ichika was preparing her countermeasures in the face of increasingly intense abuse, and she was not going to be so intimidated. “ What the hell? ¡I knew it! Shin-chan … ” Laughing, Ichika’s gaze did not detach from the recording she was watching from a camera installed in Serina’s room…