T-REX surprises with more episodes of Hatsukoi Time

Japanese production company Lune Pictures announced the production of two new episodes (third and fourth) for the animated adaptation of the doujinshi hentai written and illustrated by Simon, “Hatsukoi Time“, whose release is simultaneously scheduled for next January 1, 2024 in Japan. This is still a Bunnywalker project, while T-REX will handle the animation.

The original doujinshi is available in the nhentai catalog (346589), although it has not been translated into any language, not even English. On the other hand, the synopsis of each of these announced episodes (which is not confirmed if they will be the only ones, considering the wide extension of the original doujinshi), writes as follows:

  • Episode 3: First Sex with the Master! Anri is in a good mood and prepares food after the first time she had sex with her master. Takaya is dying because she still can’t tell him how she really feels. He doesn’t want to let Anri’s sad look get cloudy, so he makes a big decision and confesses, “Have my baby,” and then… He climaxes in earnest insemination sex! Ejaculation from the first time they had sex! The sex between the two does not stop even once, but continues until their feelings transcend their positions and become one… A pure love story of two lovers in a master-slave relationship, complete!