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Kimi Omou Koi episode 2

Narumi, who loves swimming race swimsuits, joins the swimming club to look at the girls wearing swimsuits and is the director.
However, the strange gaze of Narumi’s swimsuit girl became a complaint from a female member, and she was heard by Kuroe, a member of the discipline committee.
And by strengthening the patrol of the disciplinary committee, the calm days spent looking at the swimsuit were taken away.
Narumi, who was cornered, thought that he had no choice but to wear a swimsuit and look at it.
When he tries to wear a swimsuit in an unpopular pool, he is found by the disciplinary committee member Kuroe.
Kuroe tells her to concentrate only on her club activities, but she finds it difficult to extinguish her passion for Narumi’s swimsuit.
Kuroe took her bold action to correct Narumi, who had agitated her love for swimsuits.