The elven slaves of Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru will have a second episode

The Japanese production company Queen Bee has listed details for the second and final episode of the animated adaptation of the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Kyou Tanabe, “Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru“. This second episode is scheduled for release on June 23rd in Japan, after the first episode is released on April 14th.

It is important to note that we know this episode will be the last because it is listed as “後編 (Kouhen)”, which in Japanese translates to “Part 2 of 2”. Additionally, the original 188-page doujinshi is available in the nhentai catalog (402531).

Finally, the synopsis for this second episode is as follows:

Story 3 – “Elfina, Knight of Ecstasy Part 3”: Confronted with the fiercest fighters in the arena, Elfina has not yet given up her warrior pride. But her body, compromised as a slave, has already awakened to the pleasures of sex.

Story 4 – “Elfina, Knight of Ecstasy Part 4”: Elfina, recognized for her achievements in the arena, is released from slavery and becomes a knight again. When she visits the princess to inform her of this, an orgy in the name of friendship breaks out. Elfina soon realizes that her body hurts and Elfina, Knight of Ecstasy is born.

Story 5 – “Elfina, Knight of Ecstasy – Parallel Story”: Elfina and a human visit Rosetta, who runs the paradise of the Dark Elves. The three instantly dismiss the guardians and head to their rooms. Rosetta, who had secretly made a master-slave pact, eagerly awaited the man to fill her with pleasure.