The hot mother returns in Kotowarenai Haha

The Japanese distributor Getchu listed the preview frames for the second episode of the animated adaptation of the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Gonza, “Kotowarenai Haha (A Mother Who Can’t Refuse)”. It is scheduled to premiere on May 24th, 2024, in Japan. The production is being handled by Queen Bee, and this episode is labeled as “Kouhen (後編)”, which translates to “Second Part of Two”.

According to the description, the complete 188-page book includes nine stories, but it’s not yet clear if all of them will be covered in the adaptation. Finally, the synopsis writes:

“Fallen Friend”: One month later… Yuta and Shiori’s minds are filled with thoughts of sex, despite their policy of “not touching each other.” Then, on the day Yuta’s cast is removed, he finally experiences the joy of being embraced not as a mother but as a woman. With every act of love, desire, and intensity, something within him that had almost been forgotten changes. Cherish this moment… Each day begins an impossible day. I want you to push harder, to break me, to ejaculate deep inside my womb. I no longer want to be just a mother.