The trailer for the second episode of Eroge de Subete wa Kaiketsu Dekiru!

Production company Pink Pineapple has listed the video trailer for the second episode of Goban’s animated adaptation of the doujinshi hentai, Eroge de Subete wa Kaiketsu Dekiru! (Eroge Can Solve Everything!), scheduled for release on November 25 in Japan.

Production continues at Pink Pineapple Studios, who already released the first episode in June 2021 in Japan. The synopsis of this second episode, whose source is a doujinshi hentai available in nhentai (328040), writes as follows:

    • “I will always dream of big tits.” The head of the club recognized Mikoshiba-kun’s talent for drawing and gathered the rest of her pupils to participate in the club’s activities to create erotic games. But all Mikoshiba does is have sex, recruiting the women of the club to have sex and being used as a sex toy by them.
    • Also this time he is threatened by Riko Watanabe, who has secretly filmed him having sex with Fumika Saitou, in charge of the stages, and has made him the subject of evidence for a new type of masturbator. Mounted on his rigidly erect penis; now he is threatened that his life will end if he fails to persuade Sayaka Himegami, in charge of the soundtrack; and so on