Two Abusive Sisters Arrive With Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Nee-san no Shitagi

Japanese distributor Getchu has listed the teaser frames for the new original hentai titled “Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Nee-san no Shitagi,” scheduled for November 24, 2023 in Japan. This hentai is part of the “Otome no Hotobashiri (乙女の迸り)” series, whose most recent hentai was “Kokuhaku“, although the stories are not connected.

Production is once again handled by Nur Studios, and there’s not much more to say about an original story, beyond the fact that the series focuses on a pair of sisters who physically abuse their little brother finally daring to sleep with him. The story of this new release writes:

  • Ema is the president of the student council and is considered the perfect girl. Ryuka, who is her younger sister, is as popular as an idol and is always surrounded by people. The younger brother of two such perfect girls is Mizuki, an extremely ordinary student. From a young age, Mizuki has been teased by the cool and perfect Ema, and used by Ryuka, who always treats him like garbage.
  • But everything changes now that the two sisters have learned that Mizuki has gotten a girlfriend and that the spring of youth has finally arrived. Eventually his annoyance at the situation was reflected in his actions, which became even more aggressive against his little brother. They could not tolerate the idea of it being taken away from them. And, to everyone’s surprise, Ema would be the first to take action…