Vanilla continues with the third episode of 1LDK+JK

The japanese distributor called Getchu listed the production of a freakin’ third episode for the animated adaptation of this hentai doujinshi, written and illustrated by Sou Fumitsuki. It’s called ‘1LDK+JK Ikinari Doukyo? Micchaku!? Hatsu Ecchi!!?’ Surprise Roommate? Living Together!! First Time?!!’ And guess what? This hentai is droppin’ on April 19, 2024, in Japan.

Now, this doujinshi is a big one, man. It’s got a total of twenty-seven chapters, spread across almost 800 pages. And you can find it in the nhentai catalog (359997), if ya wanna dive into it. The production is bein’ handled by Mary Jane and King Bee, and here’s the lowdown on that third episode:

Akane Misaki and Ken Hasama have been livin’ together for a few days now, all because of some screw-up by the landlord. One day, Hasama starts freakin’ out ’cause Akane’s takin’ forever to come home. She ain’t pickin’ up her damn phone, so Hasama decides to go and fetch her from her part-time gig. Akane’s glad he’s comin’ to get her, but at the same time, she’s got all these mixed emotions ’cause their cohabitation is about to end soon.

As soon as Hasama stumbles into their room, dude passes out on the table. Must’ve been all the booze he downed while waitin’. Akane’s worried as hell, so she tries to wake his ass up. But then, Hasama feels the softness of Akane’s tits pressin’ against his back and damn, he can’t help himself. He pushes her down with this lustful desire, man. And when Akane asks if she can take a damn bath ’cause she just got home, Hasama reconsiders and decides to join her. But Akane ain’t playin’ along with his usual rhythm, nah. She’s got some tricks up her sleeve to shake things up.