DNA Hunter episode 1


Cloudy DNA that you receive in your body for the proof that your lover is alive!
Mai Sakakibara, who lost her fiancé Yuji in a snowy mountain avalanche, eagerly wants to leave a proof that he was alive, and goes to Tetsuya Nozaki, who is studying to make children from her somatic cells. visit.
However, although the study was in its final stages, lack of funding made it difficult for her to continue her study.
And the back job assigned to Mai to raise the funds is “to get the sperm of the man that women want and artificially inseminate” … In other words, to have sex with the man that the client wants and collect sperm. was.
Mai is a lewd sperm hunter for her beloved Yuji’s child …, she is embraced by men one after another as a “DNA hunter” and collects semen. However, a conspiracy was hidden in this project …
A perfect edition where you can enjoy all three episodes of the feature-length erotic animation “DNA Hunter” that depicts the lewd activity of a DNA hunter who has sex with men and collects semen!