Ero Manga! H mo Manga mo Step-up episode 1


Wipe the spattered semen with a tissue and the man quietly closes the erotic comics page.
The man suddenly thinks during the wise man’s time. How does he deal with the reality of employment?
A man who goes on a journey to escape reality again.

I lay down on the bed and picked up the erotic manga magazine “Comic Bottom”.
A revelation of God that jumps into the eyes of a man from the end page that is casually turned over.
“Recruiting editorial staff for magazine renewal schedule!”

In the interview that jumped in with courage, the man passed easily …

The editorial department is in a state where it can be crushed at any time.
The writers and employees in charge are all cute girls, but there are many people with a personality that is not straightforward, and the editor-in-chief is not motivated.
Still, the protagonist, who never loses his passion for eroticism, motivates the female writers with his skill.