Futei With… The Animation episode 1

The story revolves around two married women, Kaoru and Satsuki, who are taking a break from their hectic family lives and decide to go on a hot springs trip together. While having fun and enjoying each other’s company, they are approached by a group of smooth-talking men who end up persuading them to have drinks with them. After getting completely drunk, they went to sleep in the inn they rented, but Kaoru wakes up to find herself being touched and pounded by one of the men. She struggles to resist, but her body is weak and helpless, and she eventually succumbs to his advances. Satsuki also finds herself being taken advantage of by one of the men, who forces himself upon her repeatedly throughout the night, leaving her feeling violated and humiliated. As the lewd night continues, the women are gradually succumbed and turned into sexual pleasure for them. Their bodies are used to fulfill their libido.