Houkago 2: Saiyuri episode 1


“I hate wide backs, cigarette- smelling shirts, and dexterity to do household chores. My brother-in-law is the exact opposite of my taste.” “Sayuri Minase”, a young lady and sister-in-law. She is called “Rosehime”, the name given to the representative student who is selected every year from among the students with excellent grades, and is the target of the students’ admiration.

“The heart of my favorite person is the most comfortable thing, a woman.”
Sayuri’s sister and married woman “Yuko”. She overwhelmed the opposition of her home and got married shortly after graduation. She lives in a small apartment but is happy every day.

A change will come to a humble but comfortable life. The hero who thinks she is because of her mind. However, the appearance of her wife and her sister-in-law is strange.
She is a manicure that has never been complimented and a wife who is happy to apply it. Her sister-in-law who suddenly came home late.