Ikusa Otome Valkyrie G episode 2


The Sora War Maiden Leia, the War Maiden Aaliyah of the remaining months, and the War Maiden Hildegard of the Earth, captured by the Demon King Duke.
Hildegard’s fierce roar echoed in Duke’s castle on the front line.
Aaliyah can’t do anything in front of Hildegard, who has been planted with the despair of her pleasure.

She wanted to save Hildegard, the daughter of Odin, the great god.
However, Aaliyah herself was exhausted to the point where she couldn’t move one of her fingers due to her intense flesh torture.
Thousands? Tens of thousands? I have taken Duke’s desires with this body countless times.
Demon tribes other than Duke … And the ugly desires of humans were also accepted by this body.
The pure blood that was pure blood until she was caught was transformed into a grotesque form because she continued to accept it with horrifying lust.
matter how much this body is polluted and changed, her proud heart as a war maiden cannot be polluted.
Aaliyah tried to close her heart to protect her.

Tonight is “Eclipse Day” where the moon is missing.
Aaliyah, the valkyrie of the remaining moon, who is touted as the strongest valkyrie in heaven, her body is strongly influenced by the phases of the moon.
When the moon is missing, her body is on the day of ovulation, and she always gets pregnant when she ejaculates in the vagina ….