Ikusa Otome Valkyrie G episode 1


In the castle of the Demon King Army, Duke, a goddess called Valkyrie, a war maiden, was captured and XXed by the demons.
War maidens Leia, Aaliyah, and Hildegard who gradually lose their sanity and become captivated by pleasure rather than endless flesh torture.
Even today, a sweet and painful pant voice mixed with the sorrow and pleasure of the goddesses leaks from the training room …

mixed with the voices of such goddesses, and the demon’s voice can be heard.
Fenrir, Fafnir, and her aide, Loki, who were supposed to be dispatched as Duke’s guards, have a lustrous voice.
Pleasure hell forced by war maidens every day. They no longer had the vestiges of fighting bravely, but the goddesses had fallen into a female who just accepted the pleasures and exhaled a soothing sweet breath …
When they witnessed such falling goddesses, the female part of themselves, who were demons, was shaken violently and ached.

The goddess who falls into the darkness of the pleasure of immorality, the devil who drowns …
In Duke’s castle, the sweet and sad screams of the goddess and the devil who have thrown all their bodies and souls into pleasure continue to echo …!