Ima kara Atashi… episode 2


I wonder how many days have passed …
Since my virginity was robbed by my homeroom teacher, I was called by my homeroom teacher almost every day and was violated in various places in the school, so Yayoi’s senses are paralyzed.
However, Yayoi’s reason is not lost. He supported it with his unwavering feelings for his brother.
However, the teacher relentlessly blames Yayoi’s ass so as to cancel the memory of having sex with his brother in the ass.

During the lunch break, my brother was worried about Yayoi who wasn’t feeling well and was preparing a present.
Yayoi immediately puts on the pink ribbon hair clip that his brother gave him.
An older brother who smiles at Yayoi who looks happy. However, at such a moment of peace, it was torn apart by the ringtone of the telephone.