Jiburiru: Second Coming episode 3


As usual, Jibril, who is violated by the worm ○○ by Roko Ko, finally turns into a demon king by sexual desire energy! At that time, in the gymnasium warehouse of the school, 3P started with Naoto, Hikari, and Rabriel in order to learn new secret techniques. At the end of 3P, the appearance of Roko Ko and Jibril who became a demon king. She was Hikari who transformed, but she dared to grab the Eternal Arm and receive ○○. She was once a fallen Hikari, but she was revived by Naoto’s call. Roko escaped with Rika even though she used her secret technique to drive away the worm. And Hikari is embraced by Naoto as a woman. She was Hikari who vowed to help Rika next to Naoto’s sleeping face.