Jiburiru: Second Coming episode 1


One night, Meimi Otonashi walks alone in an unpopular park. Suddenly, the devil Roko Ko of the demon world appears in front of her. Roko attacks the Eternal Arm to separate the power of Misty Mei who sleeps in Meimi. Meanwhile, Hikari Kamino, a sister-in-law who should have been studying abroad at the Kamino family, is back. Rika is a little worried about Hikari, who has decided to go to Naoto’s school. “I like Rika the most in the world.” The two pile up in the health room, but Misty Mei appears there. She kidnapped Rika. She has no choice but to create a new Jibril to help Rika. Naoto, who was told by the angel Rabriel, had sex with Hikari.