Jiburiru: Second Coming episode 2


Jibril is considered a sacrifice for the resurrection of the Demon King and is squid many times by Roko Ko. Around that time, Hikari was connected to her favorite Naoto and felt like she was floating. She was having sex at school as she was explained to Rabriel.
After school, she goes to see Meimi in the hospital, but Hikari begins to think that Meimi also likes her Naoto. Misty Mei appears there, and Hikari transforms and fights back, but she is grabbed by the worm and she is XX for the first time, but in the end she defeats Misty with the secret technique she remembered.
After she fights, she is upset when Hikari confesses to Meimi that she likes Naoto. At the same time she said she wouldn’t need herself when Rika returned … she was indescribably anxious.