JK to Ero Giin Sensei episode 1


Hatsune was thinking. This person takes good care of me …

Hatsune-chan, who had given up thinking that it was unavoidable to be used as a political tool by her family, was attracted to her personality by a second-class member, Sensei.
Hatsune-chan, who was asked to entertain her for the first time, had a graceful taste with long black hair in her sailor suit and black stockings, and while she entrusted herself and endured the pain of her big cock,

“This body belongs to Sensei …”

Senator Sensei, who had a hustle to a healthy Hatsune-chan, immediately made him feel Hatsune-chan with his proud big cock.
From then on, the second-class councilor Sensei was full of self-confidence as if he had been freed from the days when he wasn’t upset

Hatsune-chan slowly crawls her tongue while looking at the one that stands up and stretches on the knees of Senator Sensei, who sits on the seat.
Hatsune-chan, who hesitates but does not complain and serves quietly, is a very nice and solid lady who will do a cleaning blow even after she is released.

Sensei, a member of the Diet who has a hustle to such a young lady, pretends to be in front of her while standing behind Hatsune-chan, who cleans the table with her own unequaled big cock and the hardened ass. I was sucking on my swaying ass …