JK to Ero Giin Sensei episode 2


Hatsune looked happy.
To help Sensei, she wears her suit and glasses, and she becomes an erotic secretary staff who is not JK.
Sensei cannot overlook such Hatsune-chan.

In the middle of the speech, I went to the park for a while. As it is, it’s a double chan.
The fresh limbs have become accustomed to naughty things, and Hatsune-chan unintentionally begs.
“Sensei, it’s okay, please be inside me as much as you can.”
When I returned to the office, while the secretary was there, I was pushed under the desk and I was back in the back.

While Sensei and the secretary were talking, Hatsune-chan kept hiding her voice and poking at her, and at the end of the phrase, it was Hatsune-chan who pinched Fuguri …

It’s a black plot to visit them.
By the time Sensei noticed, Hatsune-chan wasn’t there anymore, and it was a call from Don that hung on her cell phone …
“… Did you turn your hand behind the scenes …?”

In front of Hatsune-chan, who faces resolutely even if it’s scary …