Kanojo ga Yatsu ni Idakareta Hi episode 2

Due to an unexpected situation, Yurina has a secret relationship with her husband as it is done by Kiuchi, a newcomer and a junior student.
Yurina desperately endures her horrifying relationship for him.
As long as I endured him,
Yurina would definitely … be sane, but it would be struck in every situation beyond my expectations …
always crouching under my desk near my husband. Pacifiers, groping in the elevator, groping on the commuter train … It’s
more natural to be groped by Kiuchi than my husband …
The marks are firmly carved into the indelible aches of the original body. Hmm …
if you do, just do it … he’s waiting so I’m at
work. afternoon. A warehouse that brought Kiuchi under the pretext of new employee education.
Someday in Yurina’s words … the choice of refusal was gone …

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