Kiriya Hakushaku Ke no Roku Shimai episode 2


Time is before the war.
Daisuke Togitsu, a young man who is a former magazine reporter, visits a dubious Western-style building on a hill overlooking a rural mountain village.
Waiting for him in the luxurious Western-style building was Sumimi Kiriya, the hostess of the mysterious building, and her beautiful sisters, her daughter.
“You have been chosen … to be the only man to have a daughter and child with Kiriya and get all of this Kiriya family.
This is the old tradition of my Kiriya family. Embrace my four daughters as you like, make a “contract” and conceive them.
” I will stay.
Daisuke peeks at the rituals performed by the women of the Kiriya family.
Knowing everything, he is forced to choose a woman to make a “contract”.

The mystery hidden in the blood of the Kiriya clan that is finally revealed !!
The story of the fluttering Eros that unfolds in the Immoral House.