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Mahou Shoujo Elena episode 1

Space shuttle. A crystal of science and technology created by human wisdom and dreams.
However, an unscientific phenomenon took place in the aircraft heading toward the moon.
A mysterious lump of meat suddenly appears in the shuttle, and the crew are attacked one after another.
And the space shuttle exploded. It disappears with the algae dust in the universe.

Ten years after the tragic accident, the two girls, sister Erena and sister Emiru, the daughters of the Shuttle crew, lived in peace, supporting each other despite losing their parents.
However, one night, the echoing screams of Emi.
Upon hearing that, Erena rushed to her room and saw a mysterious lump of meat that crawls through her room with her tentacles and is about to attack Emi.
I don’t know what it is, but the lump of meat is a monster that hit the shuttle in space.
And its true identity was Zold, a tentacle lifeform that plans to invade the Earth.

I’m stunned. However, at that time, a life form like a bun appears, which is different from the salt.
“My name is Orbi! You have to be a magical girl to help her!” Nod
, confused by a series of unbelievable events.
“Wow, I’ll be a magical girl! I’ll do anything for Emi!”
Orbi transforms her own body and dives into her lower body, whether it’s her or her. I let you.

Connecto ! And when I thought that the dazzling Erena was shining, she was dressed in magic clothes.
“Led by the flow of stars, Erena is a magical girl! Lift off now!”

Erena transformed into a magical girl to protect her sister from that day.
However, it is the days of adultery that await her! And the resumption with an unexpected person, and the worst development that attacks her sisters …!
Belly boco, lewd insect birth, tentacle milk blame, beast type tentacle rape …! All tentacle play ruthlessly attacks Erena’s body and makes fun of it!
Still she never gives up. To protect your precious family and the peace of the earth!
Overcoming many sorrows, now! “Magical Girl Erena, Lift Off Now !!”